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Progressive Vet Consulting believes all members of the practice team contribute to the success of the business. Great leadership involves engaged employees. The value of the whole team working together is much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Therefore, our mission is to work with individuals and teams within the veterinary profession to build the skills needed for great leadership. The outcome? A happier, healthier, more sustainable business.

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Progressive Vet Consulting offers coaching, in practice consultation and collaboration.

1. Progressive Individuals

The benefits of veterinary coaching are significant, providing a confidential sounding boarding for personal learning. Using a proven framework, we provide coaching for vets, RVNs, client care, practice managers and business staff to help you manage the day to day challenges and plan for the future. Together we develop a personal strategy for career progression, balance and satisfaction.

Whatever your role and career stage, Progressive Vet Consulting will encourage you to ask questions, reflect and challenge yourself to act as we work through the one on one coaching programme.

Session one aims to establish your motivation for coaching and develop the rapport essential for maximum benefit from the programme. Remaining sessions are tailored to you, building understanding of yourself, your purpose and values, your relationships, your contribution to your place of work and your network.

Each session builds on the previous to develop and deliver an individual strategy for a stronger, happier, more focused you both within and outside work.

Take control of your future with the improved self-awareness vital to individual success. 

The Practicalities
Each session will last an hour. While most undertake 5-6 sessions, we are happy to discuss your needs for more or less. During the coaching period, you will have the full support of Progressive Vet Consulting alongside signposting and access to further learning materials.

Coaching sessions are by Telephone, Skype or, if distance permits, Face to Face.

Pricing is competitive and dependent on the number of sessions.

Uncertain if this is for you? Why not give me a call to discuss? If I can help you to help yourself, I will.

Telephone: 07765 926706

2. Progressive Leadership

The success of the veterinary profession relies on the development, support, contribution and well-being of its people: that takes excellent leadership. Yet, where do you start? Progressive Vet Consulting offers in practice leadership consultation to help you establish where you are currently. We will ask, listen and understand before before guiding you through the process of identifying, communicating and implementing your business purpose.

Every business is unique. By striping back and asking, “Why do we exist?”, we provide a decision making framework from which to build business legitimacy, happier teams, stronger client relationships and business performance.

Progressive Vet Consulting understands, engages, improves.

Why not make a no obligation phone call to discuss further?

07765 926706

3. Progressive Collaboration

Together we achieve. Progressive Vet Consulting offers collaboration with like-minded organisations to improve leadership skills and individual well-being within the veterinary profession. By working together, we can combine our experience and skills for the greatest benefit to the veterinary team and business.

A vet, a chartered manager, a recruitment expert, a researcher of veterinary leadership, I offer a unique combination of expertise to empower you to achieve personal and practice progression. I understand the day to day challenges and am ready to help.




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